About Us

Shammout, Inc. is a distributing company located in Damascus – Syria. In Shammout, Inc. we are specialized in raw materials and additives for plastic, foam, polyurethane, detergent, and paint industries.

Our suppliers

Shammout, Inc. has suppliers located in all over the world providing it with the best offers.

Our market

Shammout, Inc. now is covering a good percentage of the Syrian market. Since it is recognized for offering the highest levels of satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality, promptness, and reasonable prices.

Shammout, Inc. has widespread networks in Syria and in the neighboring countries, and is working on strengthening these networks.

Our services

Prompt supply and on-time delivery of the customer's requests, would ease the financial burdens of clients, as the need to import minimum "big" quantities would be eliminated.

We also would refresh our client's stock upon demand and according to a previously envisaged plan specifically tailored to fit each client's needs.

Our foresees

Shammout, Inc. is aiming at developing its network to serve other industrial sectors, and it is also planning to enter the end-product's distribution field.

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