Company Vision and Mission


Our vision is to become the recognized trading leader by our customers in the chemical-related businesses in which we compete.


At Shammout Inc. we recognize customers as our most important asset. Without them we would not be in business. They expect quality service and it is our responsibility to deliver it. They have told us that quality service means adequate inventory, order fulfillment, fast and constant delivery time, consistent product quality, fair prices and common courtesy.

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations. We believe they deserve nothing less. Whether we meet in the customer’s office, on the dock or over the telephone, we’re honest and professional. Individually, we are proud of our work and our history of innovation. Together, we are a team of dedicated people working to serve our customers.

Open communication with our customers promotes understanding, which, in turn, improves our efficiency and performance. We are committed to maintaining an open ear to customer needs, up-to-date technology, because their business, our business, and the general public depend on it. By investing in training, advanced technology, and new services, we enhance our capabilities to serve our customers better

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